Wednesday, June 8


"Each computer that is directly connected to the Internet is uniquely identified by a 32-bit binary number called its IP address. This address is usually seen as a four-part decimal number, each part equating to 8 bits of the 32-bit address in the decimal range 0-255. Because an address of the form could be difficult to remember, a system of Internet addresses, or domain names, was developed in the 1980s."

- i feel remarkably geeky right now. and thank you mr jeffrey archer for showing me how everything is trackable right down to the root of domain. obviously, somebody esle needs to read The Eleventh Commandment.

dear YANG: your exams sound yyech.. just try harder for the others.. can't hardly wait for DINO! MISS-GUNG-HO-NADIA.. look who's sassing it out.. RICHARD: i not only cheoreography my meals, i plan well ahead two weeks in advance the time the location the atmosphere.. italian french or hawker? .. then go on find outfits that are loose enough to fit my tummy. really now.

dear jane and s: perhaps you could recommend some diet regimes that have worked out SO WELL for the both of you.

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