Wednesday, June 29

Rice Table / Starbucks Muffin

right now, the sky has been blanketed with under-the-bed-dut-looking grey fuzz of clouds.

after catching up on cuban heels by emily barr, i somehow wish i was libby and my current dilemma in life was whether to stay put in brighton, england or pack up and travel to another country like latin america with my husband and new baby .. well, AS IF it would even be a dilemma. i will probably just argue for the sake of making myself heard within the household but be the first one to finish stuffing my luggage, first to get seat-belted in the car and arrive at the custom gates.

life's really a tease. really. my sister goes to ctc and lands herself in a 'friendship' with a blond russian, whose name rivals the exoticness of a romanov. wai travels halfway across the continent and engages in what i call personal united nations sessions. what the hell am i doing here in chaste singapore? even my elder sister got attached in bristol to an 'indochine' ah-hem, indonesian-chinese.eck, might as well seek some solitary comfort in a starbucks cranberry muffin.

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the ever elusive starbucks muffin. simple treat for a morning.

i had dinner at rice table international building with the family. -grin, not sushi tei~ anyway i love it! yea but this does happen to be someone who considers nasi padang one of her vices. i know some people feel that rice table is not authentic indonesian cusine, perhaps comparable to what thai express is to thai food.

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but i am sure the lack of photos as i was busy nicking the satays is sure proof that the meal was fantastic! but the crowning glories of the evening were the ayam penggang (grilled chicken), sate ayam (chicken satays) and daging rendang (spicy beef stew). and who can forget the fluffy fluffy tahu telok.. i am terrible at describing the dishes, not doing any justice to them at all so i will have to tell you to hop on by to try it out for yourself!

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jimmy even noticed that they were playing traditional music during the meal, only to change it to classical music for soothing purposes i guess but i guess it was time to move the butts when they played rnb. nonetheless, it was a delightful experience -great for gatherings- though i advise you book in advance! enjoy.

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