Friday, July 1

stormy days.

these days i am just consumed by so much anger from work.

they make you do endless prospecting, industry by industry, company after company. you talk to the faceless who cannot wait to get you off the phone .. are rude to you when you request from contact details .. sometimes i really doubt the usefulness of what i am doing.

i once asked who did all this prospecting when the 'intern' was not around, someone told me the business managers did it themselves. ok, point taken. so now i am doing the dirty work for them.

there was once this guy made me comb through a list of prospects for the seminar and when i asked if he wanted me to invite them for seminars, he said he will do it himself. then what happens? that one helluva assh- does not even know the time or date of the seminar, let alone send the invites out to the prospects that I HAVE CALLED FOR HIM!!! and now he gives me to directories and expects me to fish out the details for him. f-f-f-.

as of july, they make ME to make appointments for the business development managers with STRANGERS. bloody strangers who will not give a call operator the time of the day ... then it struck me that i am doing what the business managers will have been doing themselves.

i do all the calling and prospecting and making of appointments, what the hell do the business managers do? not to mention the peanuts they are paying, sometimes i wonder if these companies feel like they are doing YOU a service by employing so you have no choice but to shush it while they pile you on with thankless jobs.

i wonder if this is my own doing. after nobody forced me on gunpoint to accept this internship and i did know of what i was suppose to do, except i did not know how detested this job was.

i guess at the day end of the day, you really do want to benefit from internships afterall, you are suppose to learn from internships right? well, right now the only thing i have learnt is that i do NOT EVER EVER want to do sales and marketing for policies or insurance. and work hard, work hard so that you can thumb the juniors down in the future.

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