Tuesday, June 28

bump goes the jag.

my nose is killing me! drip drip drip like a loose water pipe..

anyway, my parents and i got into a car accident yesterday.. at around victoria junction, my dad stepped onto the accelerator one second too quickly and we bumped into a blue renault up front. to be honest, my initial reaction was fright as the impact caused my seat belt to tighten and hurt my rib cage as i plunged forward. no worries, no bones broken.

apparently my mum's first instinct was to shield her face. yar, like really quick thinking right? and my first thought was, "%&*#*, dad's gonna flipppp BIIIGGG time.. so god help me.. " ha, i am bull shitting here. as if i am able to cramp so much words for a 'first thought'.

sigh, the poor car was not as lucky as masters. in a bid to remain a loyal servant, the impact ripped its decorative rim off and the metal armour-like shield cracked into two. oh yea, its bonnet could not shut tightly too. at least we could drive the car to the assessment centre and workshop.

at least dad was not mad. afterall, he did the bumping. haha. when he called the guy in charge at malayan motors, he sounded exactly like one of those misfortunates i have been listening to here at international sos, "hello.. erm.. i got into an accident ... i bump into someone's backside" haha. so glad i am able to remain optimistic about this!

i had quite a laugh when i read this and that. enjoy.

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