Friday, June 17

mean wishes.

which is worse-

people who thrive on others' low self-esteem
or those who feel the urge to crumble a healthy one?

i choose to believe that a lot of good has come out of all these tags, that were driven by cowardice and superficiality. i think i was one of those who would not give a second thought on throwing a nasty comment of two about people. i know that at times in order to derive entertainment, some friends and i must have subjected certain people to unflattering images.

but after reading all tags, i realise that it is not only sad, but nerve-wrecking when some people cannot look beyond what they are saying and see for themselves how ugly they choose to be.

perhaps the people who tag such insensitivities really are good-looking on the surface. perhaps, they are those who never had to worry about where the cupcake or pasta is going due to high metabolism. or maybe they are the ones we secretly all yearn to be in junior college or secondary school.

but the truth is that these people do not do justice to themselves. and i repeat, do not do justice to THEMSELVES. what they have been genetically blessed with on the surface has been overshadowed by what goes on in the mind and heart.

so guys, think about it, why waste a pretty chick-flick image on someone who does not even warrant for a few minutes of your time. i am definately someone of no threat to your prom-queen wishes. so if you feel your toenails curl at the sight of my blog or myself, why not just summon all that energy to stop yourself from clicking here?

the bottom line is i cannot control what others think of me and i can only hope that this fiasco will die down in time. but the next time i think of something unconstructive or uncalled-for, i will just shut it.

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