Monday, June 27

the last leg.

after one and a half year's worth of mental slogging, today is finally my younger sister's last paper! all the best, yang~

i am suffering from a serious bout of monday blues. i am pissed off with my job. irritated with my neighbour. frustrated by the lack of significance of what i am doing. i am so tempted to see what the department looks like should i call it a day. not that my abscence will cause any ground-breaking earth shattering catastrophy, i guess.

i am doing so much prospecting i feel like telling the business development managers to use the prospects before asking me to do more. in short, i feel like telling them to stuff it.

i wonder which doctor will give me a week's worth of mc. i wonder what it will take to give me a week's worth of mc. i know one collegue had it but it was because she had her wisdom teeth plucked out. maybe..

i fear for my sanity.

on a less agnsty note: i love how some things are created a particular manner and they serve a unique purpose due to the way they have been customized? well, i saw dunkin' cookies from marks and spencer and they really made you feel that the people over at marks and spencer really understand their customers.

dunk me!

i am sure most of you have encoutered situations where you just could not seem to get the rims of those traditional round cookies to fit inside you mug of milo or milk.. well marks and spencer has produced oblong cookies with to simplfy those habitual dunking of yours.

sigh,another addition to the already- perfect range of bisuits that marks and spencer has.

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