Thursday, May 12

Coffee & Toast

a toast of adrenaline.

sugar overload alert!

after gamely allowing myself to enter the sometimes-forbidden premises of coffee&toast down at the citylink, i decided to indulge in raspberry and kaya toast, with tea.

see what happens is they provide you with two slices of toast, cut and paired into 4 delightfully slim squares. following that, the pairs are slathered on with either the nostalgic-favourite kaya and butter or another delectant of your choice like peanut-butter-and-honey or raspberry. normally the slathering happens only on one inside of the toast to reduce the cringe-factor.

but somehow, the people over at coffee&toast seemed to have a knack for getting my orders wrong (as they was not the first time- they got the butter.... ). when i asked for raspberry and kaya toast, i end up with toast that had one inside covered in raspberry and kaya on the other inside --> double the sweetness, double the calories. instead of kaya on two pairs and raspberry on the other two pairs (done separately)

and my teh-kosong! frankly i had no idea if it was because the toasts were THIS sweet that it led me to believe that my teh (which was supposedly devoid of milk and suger) was sugared or that it really HAD sugar in it.

so right now, i am just dying to get out of my seat and walk to raffles hotel, to bugis, to raffles cit- oh, what a start to a thursday morning. haha.

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