Thursday, May 12

journey of glee.

what a grand day.

i have a good feeling about today. was it the sugary-tinged breakfast? how about lunch with collegues? hmmm, could be the fact that i will be meeting up with zhu for dinner at esplanade and catching 'it takes two' with her and diana...

you know it is really interesting to go through travel sites on singapore. somehow it seems normal, even commonplace to drool over the sidewalks and streets of new york city or the hustle & bustle of tokyo...

but when i read about caucasians and tourists writing about singapore- the cultural scene of singapore, outlets to have fun in, to dine in or shop till you d-r-o-p, i get this odd tingly feel- like how most places appear to be so familar yet foreign and out-of-touch of a moment. most places are not unknown to us but how many of us really observe singapore through the lens of someone who has a completely unbiased view of this island we call 'boring.'

see me!

like right now, i have this burning desire to visit sentosa..

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