Monday, May 23

lady lark.

eck, what a beautiful weekend it has been!

kicked off today with brunch at les amis's lazy gourmet where i swear they have the best croissants! ok, like delifrance is great normally.. but lazy gourmet had such light fluffy cris-p ones, i swear either the croissant or i must have been voodoo-ed! so it was like an excerpt from jean paul gaultier's 'pain couture' as it was basically orange juice and carbscarbscarbs for me.. sigh to top it off, they had such a lovely ambience (think white overweight caucasian baby crying in his pram till daddy left him on the floor to play).. you feel the world can do you no wrong while having breakfast.. definately must return!

then we basically made our rounds around town, in anticipation of the great singapore sale (check out the kiasu factor.. ) and i think i pulled a muscle while trying to fit into a diane von furstenburg top from tribeca- not a very pretty sight i must admit.. i did not actually get much shopping done as dad decided to join us for 'damage-control' purposes, i believe.

we had 'luc-ner' (the meal in between lunch and dinner) on a battlefield i.e. takashimaya food court and i ordered this korean noodle soup dish that when presented, looked no different from a packet of instant noodles with egg added and stirred till it became stringy little bits- just the way i wanted it! no kidding~

i finally caught 'the village' with my mum at the club yesterday.. i think my mum and i are definately a couple of ah-hems who do nothing for box offices around the world as we would only catch movies that are shown at the club when they are FREEEEE! can you imagine the cinema-ticket prices these days!? .. anyway, i kind of expected the ending actually.. well it did happen to be a m. night shayamalan movie so there would definately have been a twist otherwise the twist would be that there was not a twist. phew- trying saying the last sentence aloud in 3 seconds man..

it is tough to sum up friday night.. friday evening was swell (cannot exactly go wrong with ruffles bbq and non-stop bitching about eyeforaguy2) but friday night? wai and i attended a tribeca spring/summer runway launch at thumper.. to sum it up, there was a lot of waiting for the fashionably late and too much people-watching at the un-fashionably punctual.. and wai, you naughty girl! stop making me sound like some psycho determined to live out my richard-gere fantasies.. even if i were! ...

eck, i wish i had pictures to show you guys but for some biological reason, i can never seem to whip out my camera fast enough to "capure the moment"..

oh yes, before i end- ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR EXAMS, YANG!!! go kick some ass yayyayyay you can do it... erm haha.. trying to do my best impersonation of a high school cheerleader..

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