Tuesday, May 24

your nothingness.

this entry is dedicated to the apathetic, bored, disentranced, fed up, glutted, indifferent, jaded, mellow,unexcited, uninterested, and world-weary you.

risen from the dead- almost.

if you can afford my dreams

breakfast all day


jimmy left for an island in indonesia today. i call it 'island' as i have no idea what it is called. it is not jakarta or medan (where his family are) and he went over not for fun or to take advantage of the cheap budget airflights but to check out palm oil fields. seriously. sigh i bet my sister misses him (even if it is just for a couple of days) since they are practically the couple-version fo chang&end. although he left at around 6am for the ferry, she fell asleep in his room this morning. sigh..

my grandmother woke my mum up with a phone call at 9am on a saturday morning.
no prizes for guessing her intentions.
eck. i think i really need to engage in her services afterall.

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