Friday, April 29

"There (Provence) is nowehere esle in this world where you can keep busy doing so little and enjoying it so much..

Max sat on the rim of his bassin, head between his knees, wondering if the heart attack would come before or after breakfast...

He put black pepper and two generous pinches of sea salt into a bowl, grinding them together.. A few drops of balsamic vinegar -deep deep brown- went in next, and then a long steam of olive oil, greenish yellow in the sunlight. Finally, a cherry-sized blob of full-strength Maille mustard from Dijon.. he tore off a a piece of baguette, mopped it into the brown puddle that he had prepared with such care, and offered the dripping bread to christine... "Here take the try and i'll take the rest, we will eat outside" "

-Peter Mayle, A Good Year

right now, it is the only thing that
takes my mind off much unpleasentries.
go read ittttttttt...

another thing- i realised that when you start smiling at people, strangers or at even lifeless objects, you do feel a little better about the world.
don't i sound like a reader's digest magazine?

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