Thursday, April 28

baby ring.

remember the pregnant lady sitting next to me?

i think she is the ringleader of her department.. no kidding! this morning, her table was periodically frequented by her croonies (different people but all devoid of volume control) laughing and joking with her, discussing about how "peeeeely-dry" stomachs could get during pregnancy --> things i have to put up with at work.

then after lunch she returned with a huge bag of champion knockoffs and suddenly the office was respondant with oohs and aahs over her buys, with a raspberry-coloured winter jacket that she had bought for her daughter, earning the most praises.

when she was suddenly bombarded with work, her croonies were *again* all over her, listening to her grip and grape about how buay song she was and that if she were not happy, she will just not come to work next week. (hallelujah!) and erm right now, she happens to be munching on a kaya roll that her (equally pregnant) friend has brought over for her, to ease her stress level.

mind you, her favourite phrase is wah biang! and she referred her daughter and son to as "ah girl" and "ah boy" -one can only imagine she would have been one of those who lined up 6 hours for a hello kitty toy..-

i suddenly feel like i am going to enjoy work just a little more...

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