Thursday, April 21

brew me a man.

last night i made it a point to get home before ten to catch denise -wai, your favourite- keller as our femme fatale in eye.for.a.guy 2. somehow it seemed as if the show producers had memorised a concoction of who to cast as the ten wishabees, as if it were a sure-win-sure-A1 formula (author's note: how very o-level style)

there will almost DEFINATELY be
- at least a couple of ABCs, who with their overpowering confidence believe that they can use their cushy accents to intimidate the "made in sinGAHporeans" and charm the missus. very charming. very delectable to dislike. but they usually provide the entertainment, so they will stay on the show for as long as the producers deem them to be useful

-next up: more mix-parentages. bearing strong likeness to a euro-league series, only those who are at least one quarter portugese/ greek/ dutch/ spanish* need apply. well, like the united nations, we cannot always let the americans dominate the show right?
* delete accordingly

-yes, yes we are getting there! the J.O.C.K who still lives in a make believe world that every girl wishes to be their other (not better, mind you) halves. though milder than candidates from mtv's spring break, their brawny abs-o-too-much really do have more personality than the dudes themselves. nah, they won't win the show as no girl can stand any guy who spends more time waxing/ gelling/ slicking his hair than her. unless of course, she really is the girl who has always hoped she were the 'rugger's chick'

-now who can forget the loser? he will stay on not for his down-to-earth/ time-to-move-out-of-mummy's-place niceties. not for his sincere eagerness to look at a babe in her face, instead of her back (when she does walk away yet AGAIN). he is mr sympathy vote, designed to let the femme look as if she is impartial and the type that "does not go for looks." will he win her heart finally? well, is chicken tuna?

-then comes the "made in sinGAHporeans" (see above). though they usually form the majority, they stink they smell and reek of 2D-flat personalities. just ask them to pronounce foie gras and creme brulee and watch yourself cringe like a mimosa that has been poked. if they were the only ingredients in the show, SDU would have as much success as a ice-seller in north pole. but but but they might just win the girl (on tv, at least) as the governement would want us to believe that these colourless personalities are the ones that we must have 2.3 kids with.

haha. stay tuned guys.
eye for a guy2 wedesday nights 10pm.

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