Thursday, December 2

what a night.

last night at phuture? one word: urgh. think peak hour at a tokyo subway station- all that pushing and shoving. dirty looks on the squshed & seriously 'kiam pah' ones on the pushies (don't mind the language). you look over on the side of the bartenders and bet they were scoffing at how silly we all look and how lucky they were to have one by one meters all to themselves.

we could barely hang around for a couple of hours when a group of us decided to call it quits *with the exception of miss ah-hem olisa who tripped in front of t*m m****r * and we walked allllll the way to mohmmad sultan's to eat the oiliest bowl of bak chor mee i have ever seen. it is either i was speaking greek because i distinctively said "Uncle, mee kia yi pan, bu yao fang you" (which loosely translates to "Uncle, it's 3am in the morning so please reduce my noodle portion or i will suffer from a major guilt trip!") or uncle was just plain l-a-z-y as when my bowl of noodles came, it was literally bathed in lard and frankly, i think i could see my own reflection in the pool of oil. ok SLIGHT exaggeration there.

but i do not know what was worse- the uncle getting my order completely WHATS-IT? or me demolishing the entire bowl. -frumps.

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