Tuesday, December 7


i found a J-O-B! *trumpets blare* *cymbals clash*
"serious?" well kind of as tomorrow's the first training.. right, like HOW brain-science-DIFFICULT can gelato scoping get? haha. ooo, they have crepes too by the way.

"what? where?" the outlet which is situated at greenwood ave is really really cool.. its quiet i.e no pesky smelly school kids to serve; simple in a zen way i.e not much housekeeping to do. yeah yeah.. getting to the crux of this post.. THE GELATO FLAVOURS! apart from your conventional chocolate and mango.. they have rather drool-inducing bites such as chocolate overload, strawberry ribbon, choco horlicks overdose and 40-odd other flavours to boot. and i promise to get to bottom of our generation's mind-boogling question of the year- "is gelato really low-fat?"

"yea but when school starts...?" ah-hah, got it all figured out- well guess who has a 3-day week? haha -as if you do not already have a reason to hate me- & since the area is relatively uncrowded.. apart from a few caretakers minding their expat toddlers.. i figured, HEY! i could even have project work meetings there! *comteplative look

but at $5 an hour i do feel kinda ripped-off after all i DO HAVE RETAIL EXPERIENCE.. arh, bags gelato.. they are all the same.

wish me luck!

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