Tuesday, December 7

holiday blues.

this sucks. hate me but i find long holidays such a bore. bring back school term where i feel the need to throw myself into books (written by people who were as bored as i am right now) and huh?-am-i-suppose-to-be-learning-anything-at-all seminars.

there is only so much shopping to be done, so many nights of clubbing to waste away, so many crap-wrapped box office smashes to catch 'tis holiday season'.

i really wish i were abroad, trapped on some foreign lands blogging about snowfalls (see under 'wai')and recipe books calling out to me (see under 'yang'). i hate staying at home with creatures that ought to be locked up and muzzled but oging out would mean ka-ching! kaching!.

i am wastingggg awayyyyyyy......

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