Wednesday, November 24

hairdo' you do?

i realised that after every major exam- o levels, a's and smu term 1, i get my hair done. highlight, perm, dye, streak.. been there, done that.

which probably explains why the texture of my hair would somewhat cause any farmer to go, 'hay'! *pun intended.

but i must emphasize that there is something extremely pleasing about looking into the mirror, only to find people fussing over you -or your hair- as you engage in the mindless sutdy of beauty magazines. it is almost as if you were a doll, and others were just trying their best to prim and splendor you.

with metacllic foils stuck on in successive layers, i did not look unlike an alien which had just stepped out of a b-grade sci-fi flick from the 80's and i think this is precisely why i feel an affinity between my hairdresser and i. i mean, how many people will actually get to see me look THAT unglamorous? answer: probably only my husband will suffer the misfortune of seeing me so. haha.

i love my hair.

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