Tuesday, November 23

my desire.

i wanna start off my day with a hearty scrumptous pancakes breakfast with someone at a marvellous quaint outlet at holland village.

in twelve hours time, i will be free from the clutches of evil-weevil exams. i have been making all sorts of appointments just to keep myself occupied for the holidays. i wanna be choked out of life by being continously surrounded by people i adore. i wanna stroll down the well-trodden paths of arab street, in search of tapestries to fabricate my desires. i wanna be constantly surrounded by affairs i enamour. i wanna make people laugh all over again. i wanna see the look of sheer pleasure on their faces when they take a first bite out of a warm cocolate fudge souffle or banana fritters with coconut ice-cream. i wanna experience ultimate satisfaction after a long hard day's worth of retail indulgence.

but most of all, i just wanna have a pancake breakfast with someone.