Monday, November 2

October 2020

October was a really celebratory month for us. We kicked off with KW's birthday and then our wedding anniversary - I don't know about you but these days, anything celebratory means alot and we need any excuse to squeeze any joy out of life.

Cupcakes for my boo boys

Dinner at Cut - loved the tuna tartare and mushrooms
The wagyu steaks were so incredibly rich!

Kw and I are not big “presents” people - he gave me a gym water bottle for my bday this year. I’m proud to say I one-upped him this year with these custom-made T-shirts. 

Thowback to our pre-wedding photos

 Throwback to our honeymoon in New York City 
The ever-cool Eleven Madison Park

Scored a really last minute reservation at Thomas Keller's Per Se

Lots of jumping shots. Go figure.

Sushi omakase at Kaunta

Never been the biggest fan of Japanese curry but this Ebara Yokohama Curry is so good!
Banana bread with Lindt chocolate - luxurious-ish breakfast

KW made this thing of beauty - smoked salmon

Tacos at Senor Tacos

Took a day off and took the boys for bowling and arcade

Went to my parents for lunch - and some pug belly-rubbin' time 
Season 2!
Didn't do anythang for Halloween but Lucas was telling me that he knows how to camouflage

Gone luge-ing - super fun!


LC said...

I'm so drawn to the banana bread with Lindt choco no less. Did you use a recipe online that you can share? Thanks!

yixiao said...

I use this recipe and add my own Lindt chocolate

So good!