Wednesday, April 22

Circ*it Bre*ker

Two words. Starts with ‘C,’ rhymes with “heartbreaker.” Yup, that’s right - Circuit Breaker.

While it certainly feels isolating and surreal to home ALL THE TIME, I can’t say our lifestyle took a drastic change. We’ve been homebodies anyway and 60% of our weekends is usually spent at home - that said, I miss going for swims, our weekly trips to Genki Sushi and the luxury of heading out whenever you want.

We have been trying to make the best of things. The boys don’t seem to miss going out - then again, I don’t recall feeling bored when I was a kid. Kids are a lot more resilient that we make them out to be.  Not going to lie, home-based learning has been tough when work and meetings pile on. I think we are just hanging in there, determined to ride this out with minimal damage.

Meals-wise, we have had our fair share of takeaways. Deciding what to eat is the highlight of my day - sad but true. From Japanese-inspired guy dons to American cheese skirt Wagyu burgers, one thing's for sure - we are still eating well.

6 more weeks, guys. We can do this.

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