Wednesday, July 10

Russell // 7 Years Old

Dear Russell,

You are 7 today.

Perhaps because you are our firstborn, I will never forget how tough it was when you were a baby; but fast forward to today, you are an independent little man who never fails to surprise us.

This year, you started primary school. The much-dreaded formal education system. I was rather worried but surprisingly (or rather unsurprisingly) you have acclimatised to Primary One really well. On top of that, you have been made Class Captain and your form teacher told us you are one of the most dependable students in class. You have quite the responsibility on your skinny shoulders but yet, it almost seems like second nature to you. It’s funny how I was rather lacklustre back in school and here you are, outshining possibly your parents in the years to ome.

Your love for knowledge remains insatiable. Your tinkering little mind is matched by your boundless energy. Thanks to you, I often have my second cup of coffee before 10am. On the other hand, you are grounded and mature when the situation calls for it.

The biggest challenge we have on our hands is helping you to navigate your world of emotions. While you can come across tough and short-tempered, we know you are a real softie deep down.

I have to admit I sometimes take your brilliance, thoughtfulness and love for granted. You have always exceeded expectations and I wish we could do the same for you as parents.

We are lucky to be your parents. Most of all, we hope to guide you into being the best person you could possibly want to be.

Love, Mama

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