Tuesday, June 18

Wills Domain, Yallingup, WA

Quite frankly, we didn't know how well the boys would fare in a fine-dish dining establishment. Most  eateries we have been to are either kid-friendly or boisterous enough to accommodate a few loud boys. We made reservations at Wills Domain 'cause YOLO... I mean, what's the worst that could happen right... We get thrown out? Ah thankfully, that wasn't the case - the boys were well-entertained with their books and drawing paper before and after their meal, much to our relief.

The restaurant only opens at 12pm, which is late by our lunch standards. This also explains why we wolfed down the sourdough in minutes like a bunch of babarians. Fun fact: They charge for bread here Down Under, unlike in the US or Singapore which the cost is baked in.

Two out of three starters were pretty outstanding. The grilled octopus spoilt future octopus dishes that we would have. The chargrilled quail was finicky but delicious. Only the poached squid was a little ho-hum and I could do without that grassy sugar snaps.

To be honest, I don't quite remember exactly what we had for the mains but they were good. “A pork dish and a beef dish...” recalls my hippocampus. Not amazeballs but very well-executed. Oh yes, we ordered some fried chicken for the boys too and look at how well-presented it was!

We ended the meal with coffee and one helluva rich dessert, affectionately nicknamed “Snickers.” Smooth, creamy and downright decadent.

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