Sunday, May 19

Back to Jai Thai

Please file this under Why you don’t see us doing brunch.”

Truth is, I did have a reservation made at Columbus Coffee Co.s but Russell mentioned he wanted “something spicy” for lunch. In fact, he mentioned it twice. Twice.

My heart literally burst and I was this close to proclaiming “That’s my boy!” But instead, I maintained my composure and we made a quick turn to Jai Thai.

Jai Thai is an oldie but goodie. Perhaps I have a soft spot for this restaurant as we have been visiting for years. Oddly enough, it seems to have gotten even better over my last couple of visits.

Carbs-wise, the Pad Thai was a slurpy smoky toss-up, while the unpictured salted fish fried rice is a simple but utterly comforting dish.

I’m not usually a curry person but I found myself going back for thirds with the red curry beef. Don't worry, the fried fish with basil chili sauce looks a lot more fiery than it really is.

Other must order dishes include their prawn cakes and prawn omelette (swoon).

To end off the meal, the red ruby was pleasing, especially with slices of jackfruit, but the mango with (still warm) sticky rice sealed its status as star dessert.

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