Wednesday, August 1

HoHo Korean Restaurant, Sunset Way

One Saturday, we decided to venture out of our comfort zone (meaning town and the club) and popped over to Hoho Korean Restaurant for dinner.

Located at Sunset Way, this is a neighbourhood favourite and to come without reservations would be courting misery. Before our dishes arrived, a bevy of banchan arrived fast and furious. If this was an indication of things to come, we were in for a good time.

We ordered a Dolsot Bibimbap, grilled Samgyupsal (pork belly) and Yangmyeom Moksal (seasoned pork collar with soy sauce). The piping hot bibimbap was lovely as hell, with delightful scorched burnt bits. Both grilled meats were gloriously tender and flavourful. Food this unpretentiously yummy makes me giddy with joy.

The dishes were mostly excellent. The only dish that was a salty bummer was the Korean ramen. I ordered a non-spicy version for the boys but on hindsight, they would have been pretty ok with the spicy version. This ramen was inexcusably salty. Sad face.


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