Friday, July 27

A birthday post

From my Instagram stories

When KW asked me if I was looking to my birthday, I was surprisingly indifferent. I wasn’t dreading it Nor was I eagerly anticipating THAT SPECIAL DAY. Sure, taking a day off from work and having a quiet meal with KW was something I looked forward to but other than that, my birthday was largely devoid of bells and whistles. I guess this day is really a good time to check in on #life.

I’m at peace with what I have. Amazing partner for life, two inquisitive loving little boys and general sense of gratitude for everything I have in life.

This doesn’t mean things are perfect. I still get easily irritated and unnecessarily upset. But the one thing I have to remember is: Don’t let the 10% dull the light of 90%. Not everyone or everything deserves your attention - stay in your light.

Peace out, folks.


Bern said...

Ooohhh I love that line "don't let the 10% dull the light of 90%"...Imma remember that! and also...HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE!!!!!

yixiao said...

<3 Thank you Bern!