Friday, April 6

A Very Good Friday Dinner

A week ago on Good Friday, we had the parents (both sets) over for a Friday meal. It's always nice when the family comes over and these days, we derive so much more satisfaction from whipping up a good homecooked meal. The boys were in luck for after the  meal, we had lots of desserts as my mum brought over the softest strawberry shortcake from Flor and my mother-in-law brought over some glorious fruit tarts from Cedele.

Arugula salad with cured shoulder ham,
mixed nuts, herb cheese and caesar dressing 

This was such a throw together salad and it was surprisingly good! I'm super glad I picked up this pack of Serrano Paleta Spanish Cured Shoulder Ham from Cold Storage earlier in the day.

Mussels marinara with sundried tomato bread

I have never made mussels before but this mussels marinara recipe from The Comfort Kitchen looked bright and appealing. I used New Zealnd Greenshell mussels which were huge and tasty. For a person whose is usually not into tomato sauce or marinara, I thought it was really good. The sundried tomato bread was perfect for mopping up the marinara sauce.

Wagyu MB4 steak

And of course, KW's Wagyu MB4 steak was an absolute winner! I have raved about these many times on my blog and today was no exception. I honestly can't remember the last time we had steak in a restaurant as this never disappoints. 

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