Monday, December 4

Our Happy Place - Genki Sushi & MosCafe

Last week, I was on Single Parent Duty as KW was travelling for work. I knew that staying at home would drive all of us nuts so I took the boys out for lunch. We were back at our happy place - Genki Sushi, where the boys wolfed down carbs and fish. Fo a chain, the food at Genki is pretty decent and I especially like the rice they use.

I'm super psyched the boys love sushi and in Russell's case, sashimi. It's alot easier to order food now that we share similar palate. We went to town with a few plates of Trio Salmon Platter and Aburi Fluke among many others things; and I was surprised the boys lapped up the cold soba. Can't wait to head back with KW.

Dessert was a green tea granola parfait from MosCafe. Again, very thrilled the boys love matcha since Kw isn’t a fan.

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