Thursday, August 17

California // Shanghai Dumpling, Cupertino

Shanghai Dumpling is your typical authentic chinese restaurant. Stuck-in-90s décor, hard-to-get service but crazy excellent food. I am so glad KW's brother recommended this place for dinner as it was the perfect meal to get over jet lag.

The xiao long baos are insanely good. Big and juicy, a tiny prick frees up the aromatic robust porky broth. I have always thought that the xiao long baos at Din Tai Fung were overrated – and I know I’m right because I finally found an xiao long bao worth the pain when I accidentally scald myself.

Sauteed String Beans. Hmm, how good could they be? Like really really good. I know it is hard to get excited over string beans but these were exceptionally crunchy and moreish.  

Pork Ribs Fried Rice was basically pork, rice and grease. Ok, they added a smattering of greens which makes this smigedly healthier. The pork ribs batter itself was crispy/crunchy, and the meat maanges to stay tender and juicy.

Pecan mayonnaise prawns. Junky Chinese food. Absolutely the kind of food you crave for when your traditional Chinese parents are not around, and you just want to order American Chinese food without experiencing a motherload of “This is for white people!” lecture.

Dong Po Rou was a lesson in restraint. Or rather the lack of. A hunk of steamed and braised pork just waiitng to be torn into and devoured.

Happy faces! 

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