Tuesday, May 2

Fukuoka // Food Part 2

On our first night, we had dinner at this restaurant at KITTE, which specializes in seafood bowls from Hakodate. There are more than 20 varieties of seafood bowls and choosing between all of them was agonizing. Eventually, I gave into my crab cravings and ordered a crab and ikura bowl, while KW went for botan, crab and ikura. Both bowls were irreproachably fresh. We order a magnificent tempura don for the boys who ate quietly, with occasional thumbs up.

On our last day, I requested for sushi and we found a Sushi Zenmai at Tenjin. Of course, we ordered more than sushi and every dish proved to be incredibly satisfying. The sushi, of course, hit the spot without burning a hole in our pockets. A wholesome meal such as this makes me super duper grateful.

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