Thursday, April 27

Fukuoka // Nokonoshima Island Park

A 10-minute ride by ferry from Fukuoka, Nokonoshima Island is an island certainly a place you need to visit if you are tired of onsens and shopping. Famous for its seasonal flowers, it is easy to soak in the tranquil atmosphere, especially if you arrive before noon.

Frankly speaking, I thought I would be bored and only went along because KW was insistent. On hindsight, I would have totally kicked myself for not going. We had a simple lunch and every lunch set was lovingly presented. The cha soba was especially refreshing, with the citrusy dipping sauce, and I loved the pickles fried rice too.



Anonymous said...

What a lovely post n beautiful pics of your family. Seriously thinking of visiting the island with my sis.

yixiao said...

It is lovely, do check the florals season =)