Monday, March 13

Baker's Brew Studio, Paragon

Visited the new Baker's Brew Studio over the weekend on Sunday. Their Paragon outlet boosts a new concept, housing both baking studio and a café. The café only opened last Saturday and it isn’t fully operational (i.e., no classes just yet); they are currently on a soft launch to iron out all the kinks.

In full disclaimer: I knew about the opening as we are friends with one of the owners. Along with my family, we visited without informing our friends and I paid close to $70 for 3 slices of cake and 5 beverages.

The 3 cakes that we had – Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake, Lemon Passionfruit Cake and Tiramisu – were hefty slices. If you like your cakes light and airy, this is not the place for you. My younger sister thought their cakes are too dry and I probably didn’t find them as offensive as I prefer denser cakes. That said, I can see many mother-daughter bonding sessions happening at the pretty modern luxe baking studio slash café.

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