Monday, March 6

Rochor Thai, Novena

One Saturday, we had to grab lunch within the Novena area and we discovered Rochor Thai, a cosy joint that whips up a mean Thai meal. Previously located in Joo Chiat and Rochor Centre, chef-owner Joel Ong honed his skills in Thailand and it seems like his cooks are from Thailand as well. I am glad they didn't dumb down the food for us locals.

I have an incredibly soft spot for Thai omelettes so I knew I had to order their Crab Meat Omelette. Proving that there is an 5 year old in me that never grew up. this made me a happy camper.

The Cabbage with Fish Sauce is a deceptively simple dish that made us gush over cabbage. You don't get to type out a sentence like this any day.

The boys lapped up the Pad Thai though 2 year old Lukee whisper, "Spi-cy" a couple of times; I thought it was on the sweet side. This sure isn't the best rendition out there but it will be a crowd pleaser.

We also decided to try the Salted Baked Seabass, which is gentle baked for 25 mins. This is a regular feature among Bangkok's street scene and I am sure KW is thrilled he didn't have to slum it out to enjoy it. The chili dipping sauce is amazing.

We didn't have desserts but the Thai iced tea was an aromatic creamy delight.

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