Friday, February 10

Luxe brunch at il Lido at the Cliff, Sofitel Sentosa

Chinese New Year has come and gone like a tidal wave of camaraderie, laughter and never-ending feasting. I particularly enjoyed and appreciated this year's Chinese New Year - hanging out with family back from overseas and multiple meals spent with my really big extended family. I don't ever want to take this for granted.

This year, we also celebrated my father-in-law's birthday at il Lido. il Lido now resides at Sofitel Sentosa. From a utilitarian space to a breezy sanctuary, the move is a good one, especially since Sofitel Sentosa is a beautiful resort hotel. Every first Saturday of the month, il Lido hosts a Saturday Prosecco Brunch, where diners get to enjoy a hearty 4-course semi-buffet Italian brunch.


Appetizers to Share

Crispy Prawns with Paprika Sauce
Smoked Salmon with Sea Urchin & Orange Emulsion
Burrata with Avocado and Cherry Tomatoes
Mushroom Flan with Truffle & Prosciutto Volute
Scallop Salad with Passion Fruit & Mango Salsa
Parma Ham with Rock Melon
Homemade Focaccia & Breadsticks

Don't the appetisers look awesome? They were to us as we were starving. But really, the riot of colours and textures yelled out "Tuck in now!" Yeah I know I have issues if food is talking to me. I think part of the allure if you get to taste everything and accidentally help yourself to more to stuff you enjoy. A superb way to start our meal!

Pasta to Share

Spaghetti with Crab & Smoked Nduja
Trofie with Truffle Pesto & Cheese Fondue
Pappardelle with Beef Cheek Ragout & Marsala Wine

Service was a little slow and I believe the kitchen has troubling juggling the crowds due to two huge groups. The pastas were big on wholesome homely flavours wounded around toothsome textures. We each had our preferences but the truffle trofie took the prize home for being most moreish.

Mains (Choose one)

Pork Knuckle with Pepper Sauce
Sea Bream with Celeriac Cream and Lemon Capers
Smoked Lamb Loin with Dijon Mustard and Paprika

I thought the weakest link of the meal were the main courses. They were decent but nothing as spectacular as the appetisers. To be honest, none of the mains really called out to me. I chose the sea bream which sounded innocuous enough, though the same can't be said for the celeriac cream (ugh!).  I liked my sea bream but KW's smoked lamb loin looked and tasted a little sad. Portions are pretty small too though the entire meal ended up being very filling, so this might have a wise decision.

Dessert Station

Buffalo Ricotta Cheese & Orange Cheesecake
Strawberry & Vanilla Mousse
Latte Brûlée with Red Berries
Banoffee & Toffee Tartlets
Assorted Macaroons

Desserts, on the other hand, were stunning. Props to the dessert chef! An indication of a dessert chef''s technique, in my humble opinion, are his/her abilities to craft a chewy-on-the-outside-creamy-on-the-inside flavour bomb of a macaron - and the macarons here are delectable! The tarts were lovely, and the mousse was irresistably smooth and tangy. The treats were unapologetically sweet and we sure ended on a sugar high note.

Brunch at il Lido was quite the treat and surprisingly quite kid-friendly too. If you are game for some post-brunch manual activity, you can take a dip in the pool after your meal - but the only thing I wanted and did was take a nap.

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