Tuesday, February 28

Good ol' Auntie Kim's, Upper Thomson

With my humble net cast across limited parts of Singapore, my favourite Korean restaurant is Wang Dae Bak at China Square. Sadly, they don't open on Sundays, thus for our Sunday family lunch, we popped over to second favourite Auntie Kim's.

Now the area is currently a mess due to construction of MRT lines and parking is a challenge (#thinkbigpicture #propertypriceshuatah), but that doesn't take away the fact that the food is legit. The banchan is homely and pleasing; I especially enjoyed the marinated beansprouts and spinach.

Budae Jjigae - Spicy sausage stew
An excuse to eat spam and instant noodles

 Nakji Somyun - Stir-fried octopus with spicy sauce
Lip-smackingly flavoursome

Haemul Jeon - Seafood pancake
Not the best but serviceable

Godengeo Gui - Grilled saba 
Omega-3 goodness


KFC - Korean Fried Chicken (original and spicy)
Finger-lickin' good

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