Friday, January 20

Celebrating J & A at W Hotel Sentosa

My dear friend and ex-colleague got married to his sweetheart and we shared their joy in a celebration that spoke volumes of their personality. The wedding was held at W Hotel, which was where they had their first date and when J proposed to A.

The invitation and wedding decor was inspired by the groom's loud and flashy flowery shirts. Not jiking. And clearly, someone was a mambo princeling back in the day.

We were fed a 4-course Western lunch. Apart from the eerily-neon dessert, the rest of the dishes were pretty good. I particularly loved the cod with its crisp skin and fleshiness.

Ahh, it was great seeing the couple and my ex-colleagues!


Kuangwei Huang said...

Russell was warging into his little brother.

yixiao said...