Saturday, December 31

Goodbye Sweet 2016

2016 has been an amazing year. I know I have a tendency to repeat this statement =) It was a year of personal growth, mindful living and discovering my (working) purpose in life.

It was a year of celebrations. Lucas’ first birthday and Russell’s deer-themed birthday party reminded us of how precious times were with the two little ones. I would always be very grateful to KW for whipping up my birthday dinner single-handedly (those crab cakes!). Happy times with several weddings of dear old friends as well.

It was a year of exploration. We traveled to Osaka, Koyoto and Nara, where Russell developed his immense love for deers. Melbourne came knocking and we ate our weight in seafood and gelato. Back at home, we appreciated how Singapore has evolved to be more kid-friendly with ArtScience Museum, National Gallery and Gardens by the Bay. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about the dastardly humidity just yet.

It was a year of quality family time as we took our first family trip in 3 years with my parents and sibling. We spent many weekends with our boys doing seemingly-routine activities that mean the world to our boys.

Although this started out as a food blog, it is quite obvious I haven’t quite sustained the momentum. In fact, most of the meals weren’t about what I ate but who I ate them with.

Thank you for sticking around, I wish you an even more glorious 2017 full of positivity, surprises and joy!

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