Friday, October 21

Mahota Commune

Mahota Commune is such a special place. They have got a kitchen, pantry, market. workshop spaces, and yoga studio all under one roof, and they specialize in healthy food, made with no preservatives etc. Best of all, the overall vibe still feels very down-to-earth and friendly, and unlike those pretentious vegan-friendly restaurants that feel remarkably self-righteous.

Just take a look at what they wrote on their website "Mahota Commune is a gathering of goodness. Through growing good food, serving good meals, selling good ingredients and bringing people together to do good, we hope that we can all be one step closer to being good. We seek to adopt sustainable practices where we can because we are here for good."

If this doesn't make you want to break out in "Kumbaya," you are heartless.

I wouldn't blame you if you questioned my decision to have pork knuckle. Just how could I have picked the unhealthiest dish on the menu? Ah, the moral agony...

As much as I don't need meat to survive, every now and then, I get an intense meat craving; when I saw pork knuckle on the menu as a special Oktoberfest item, I knew I had go get it in my system. It was a handsome platter filled with goodness for your soul and gut. Though the irony of ordering this isn't lost on me, it was a massive plate of food enjoyed by all.

We also ordered a mushroom pizza to share. Thin crust. good crisp, great nibble. My only quibble was they added jalapeños and we fished them out for the kids before any damage was done; but the pizzas was delicious enough and the jalapenos really not necessary IMHO.

My sister's Mahota hotpot set was impressive-looking, and it comes with 4 different types of tofu and a quinoa-crusted meatball. Typing out that last sentence was surreal... but my sister enjoyed her hotpot.

Stuffed to the neck, we shared one dessert, Sabayon, made with layers of slightly dry sponge cake which benefited from being drenched in blueberry sauce and served alongside a scoop of homemade yogurt ice cream.

FYI the Pantry stocks quite a wide selected of cakes so you might want to hang out there if cake beckons.

Looking forward to more visits soon!

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