Monday, August 15

Ka Soh, Amoy Street

We had a team farewell lunch for one of our American colleagues at Ka Soh along Amoy Street. It checked the boxes for local food, walking distance from office and "Yay, there is air-conditioning!" I must admit I had a good time thanks to the company and the nostalgia. It's been a while since I had tze char or ate at one of these old school establishments.

Lunch not cheap - around $30 per person - despite the seemingly rustic set-up (read: can't be bothered to renovate). On hindsight, their signature Sliced Fish Bee Hoon is not something I would order again. It was quite underwhelming and clearly need the help of all the condiments on offer.

Ooo crispy pork lard? Yes, please.

Apart from their disappointing signature dish, the other dishes were pretty good. The San Lor Hor Fun was a pleasing mountainous carb-load. Perhaps I'm severely biased for this is one of my favourite tze char carbs

Cuttlefish sambal kang Kong was well done too. Fiery with kick and the cuttlefish was crunchy instead of being insufferably chewy.

A tze char classic done well. Juicy and crisp, with a garlicky chili sauce to kick things up a notch. 

Another crowd favourite was the sweet and sour pork. Little nuggets of deep-fried pork tossed about in sweet tangy sauce. Eat them while warm for Maximus pleasure.

The pierce de resistance was their cereal prawns. Best of all, they were shelled! No finicking unglamorous wrestles with the prawns #FirstWorldProblems These bouncy prawns and cereal overload were right up my alley. I was really glad we had a vegetarian at our table, who was more than happy to give me his share.

For dessert, we had a serviceable but not-mind-blowing red bean pancake, on request by the vegetarian. Pity the pastry was dull and flat, instead of being crispy and light.

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