Friday, July 22

Flying Pig from Fat Saigon Boy (Telok Ayer St)

Now I rarely get excited over sandwiches. Literally as rare as seeing a Flying Pig. I do enjoy a good sandwich every now and then, but most times, they are reserved for last-minute-sad-meeting-lunch-fill-ins. So yeah, sandwiches are not something I rave about. 

But that is exactly what the Flying Pig sandwich from Fat Saigon Boy made me do! The hunkersarus sandwich left me raving about to my friends throughout the day.

The freshness of pickled vegetables and cilantro, alongside flavorbomb spicy pulled pork, stuffed within a soft but crisp baguette. On top of that, it is pretty darn filling. Look at the size of that badass... Can't wait to get my hands on this again.

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