Thursday, June 30

Food for Thought, 8Q

Food for Thought is part of The Thought Collective, a group of social businesses whose mission is to restore faith in humanity in Singapore. They see to transform community spaces & bringing people together to enjoy good food for a good cause - though the website is vague on the actual organisations they stand by. Nonetheless, the feel-good mandate casts a halo effect around the food. 

I was surprised by how much I liked the Prawn & Calamari Quinoa. Perhaps the heat of the day had something to do with this. The prawns and calamari were pleasantly chewy (not rubbery) though I would have enjoyed some sear on them. The quinoa mash-up - charred corn, roasted peppers, cucumber, coriander - was flavourful and filling without weighing one down.

I thought the Chinese Chicken Caesar Salad was a pretty good salad but why disguise it under the moniker "Caesar Salad," when there is hardly any resemblance to the original thing? Don't get me wrong, it's a tasty set-up and your salad-hatin' friends might dig in too.

Ordering family-style means there is something for everyone. The marinade of the Honey Hoisin Braised Baby Back Ribs was pleasing, and this finger-lickin' dish was great for sharing.

My mother-in-law liked the Red Wine Braised Chicken Leg, along with its tangy root vegetable and bacon stew.

The Creamy Wagyu Beef Linguine, along with a mushroom medley, did not fall short of expectations. This dish certainly struck a chord with my father-in-law.

A homely apple pie and truly fudgey (yay!) chocoholics'-dream slice left little room for thought that we need more of these fuss-free no-bullshit eateries around. The portions are generous (relative to todays hipster brunches) and the steady stream of customers know - and love - what they are getting.

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