Friday, May 20

Old Street Bak Kut Teh @ Alexander Retail Centre

Alexander Retail Centre (ARC) is our default place to hunt down food after client meetings since we are stuck in that part of town. Options are limited but beggars can't be choosers, especially beggars who are strapped for time and just need something to fill the empty void in their gut after long meeting.

After one similarly long meeting, one colleague pleaded for bak out teh (comfort food) and we all agreed for the need for meat. I opted for the premium loin ribs (go big or go home), and we ordered a bunch of sides to disguise our gluttony share such as braised pig trotters, kai lan with oyster sauce, dough fritters and braised eggs.

All in all, a good serviceable meal. The braised pig trotters tender and full of natural collagen, the kai lan with oyster sauce providing some green relief, and the taut dough fritters just waiting to be given a good dunk. 

I very much enjoyed the premium loin ribs, though it did come at a costly $11.50 for two long staking bones. I especially love dunking those ribs into thick sweet soy sauce, which has been insidiously laced with chill padi.Very few things top the primal satisfaction of tearing meat off the bone. The broth is peppery with sufficiently oomphy, and you would inevitably find yourself slurping up the soup and scalding yourself silly.

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