Friday, April 1

PS Cafe, Palais Renaissance

OMG, it's April!

Diana, Zee and I recently met up at PS Cafe for Diana's belated birthday meal. It's not as easy to meet up with friends these days. I have kids that soak up my energy and my close friends have atypical careers that soak up their weekends. However, we definitely still make it a point to catch each other whenever our birthdays roll by. A simple catch-up, free of shebang and confetti, filled with soul-cleansing conversations.

Chargrilled wagyu chuck patty topped with a fried egg, bacon, onion ring and melted gruyere, the Brunch Burger is a heavyweight, packing both heft and depth. You pretty much need to face-dive into this burger to get it all in a bite, but paper napkins were created for a reason. I like the usual chunky steak fries that come with the burger, but swooping them for truffle fries is what a birthday meal calls for.

The Spicy Shashuka is admittedly unlike any shashuka I've eaten or made. It's more paste than stew, which honestly makes me wonder if that was intentional. Served with grilled turkish bread, it was a tasty enough mash-up of chorizo, bacon, spinach, chickpeas and egg, but I probably would not order it order.

If you haven't guessed by now, I love a good Caesar and I will order it whenever I get the chance. I finally understand how this salad has thrived - and not just survived - the decades. Did you know this salad was named after its creator, and not Julius Caesar? Yup, it's just about as Italian as romaine lettuce.

The PS Caesar was sufficiently complete with a poached egg, crispy smoked bacon, chopped baby cos, croutons and freshly shaved parmesan. However, I found their chef's dressing lacking the usual salty brines of anchovies. The chunky skewer of honey dijon rosemary chicken skewer was kind of odd too, but didn't prevent us from polishing off the salad.

A once-regular on this blog, the Chocolate Crunch Doorstop needs little introduction - a triple decker of rich chocolate mousse, pecans and brownie. Tall, dark, rich and nutty - it deserves its own profile. The cakes here are ridiculously overpriced*. This modest slice now costs $16. Thankfully, it was still as decadent as I remembered.

* I realize I do say these things now that I've two kids, and $16 cake slices could be regarded as financial imprudence.

Happy birthday, my dear friend. May this year kickstart our eventful journey into our 30s!

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