Wednesday, February 24

Naughty Nuri, Capitol Piazza

From a small street side restaurant in Bali to chi-chi Capitol Piazza in Singapore, this humble restaurant serving barbecue ribs has come a long way. Naughty Nuri has been opened for close to 3 weeks, but there still teething issues:
  • Save for 1 girl (Jasmine), a couple of wait staff were raw and not the most service-oriented people around
  • The kitchen was not ready though customers were seated so the wait for food was around 30-45 minutes 
  • Several dishes were not available e.g., Corn Fritters, Soy Glazed Chicken Wings
Despite so, we all enjoyed the food, which was loaded with punchy aromatic seasoning. This is probably the reason why Naughty Nuri is easily the most popular restaurant where other restaurants were struggling to fill up 50% capacity.

I thought I would kick off the list of dishes we had with their signature ribs, as many of us have the attention span of a fruit fly. Oh wait, you have scrolled through the rest of the post? I loved their signature barbecue ribs! Even when I was left with the scorched ends that my dad wouldn't go near with a 10-foot pole. 

The ribs were definitely fork-tender, but I would highly recommend having a go at them with your fingers and canines. I am not exactly sure what the seasoning consisted of (am going to Google as soon as I am done writing this) but I have been dropping not-so-subtle hints to KW to try out this recipe.

We had three starters and I would recommend two to get your guys started on your meal. The baby squid calamari were crunchy, chewy, and severely addictive. I love how they serve lime slices to cut through the richness of food.

I like the Bali/Indon take on buffalo wings, as the original is a wee bit too one-note for me.  

The crispy pigs ears though crunchy had little else to offer. 

The fried tofu was rather uninspiring too as I had hoped for something similar to tahu telok. They were good to have around as we had our little one with us.

Sambal prawns with petai was a heavy knocker, thanks to its fieriness and pungence. 

Carbs-wise, there is the Nasi Goreng and Nasi Maggi Goreng. I can't say which is better as it really boils down to preference. KW liked the Maggi Goreng version though I like the mix of brown and white rice within the Nasi Goreng.

Both carb dishes came with keropok, a very sunny side up, shrimp and satay - make for a hearty well-rounded meal. We ordered seconds and the satay were much better (less burnt) the second time round, perhaps due to less stress on the kitchen.

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