Monday, February 29

All about the boys

I'm seriously bumped out when I have to work late. I only get to see my boys for a couple of hours a day and it kills me when work eats into that time. Took a while to get over the Sunday/Monday blues but these pictures from the weekend definitely help.

Russell attempted to help Lukee put on his shoes... I die!

Lucas finds himself caught in between his two loves (gong gong and the menu)

Proud of his masterpiece ... Numbers and alphabets have such presence in his life 

I became a pillow to my firstborn. Those hips don't lie.

Casio meets camou ... Love love love my new watch (thanks to the other guy in my life)

Peek a boo, my baby!


Karen said...

That's a gorgeous watch! Would you mind sharing where it's from? Thank you!

yixiao said...

It's from K Tailor at Cineleisure :)

Karen said...

Thank you so much for sharing! Have a great rest of the week :)

yixiao said...

You are most welcome!