Monday, January 18

Celebrating TF + TY's wedding

Hello! It's been quite quiet around here. Nothing much has been happening... 'cept the boys and I were down with stomach flu over the weekend and it was nasty! This preschooler virus is seriously strong - even my parents were down with it as a result of having out with us. love - and all sort of virus germ facts - knows no boundaries.

Speaking of love, my dear friend Zhu tied the knot last weekend too. I was supposed to be on bridesmaid duties but the virus set me back by quite a bit. Fortunately, the boys and I were well enough to join in the solemnisation and wedding dinner. I am really glad I had my boys with me as KW was away for a business trip - thankfully, Zhu was super understanding when I told her I had to being the whole hood with me.

The wedding was held at Capella Hotel and I know i have said it before, but it's such a dreamy place! We had our hair and make-up done at the Colonial Manor, which I was incredibly sorry to leave after we were done. I can't comment on the food as I was in no mood to eat but the peeps around me dug in happily.

Anyway, I am super duper happy for my dear friend (and her other half, TF), and glad I was able to share her joy!

First of six weddings this year... Let the fun begin!


Yuu said...

YX, you are so pretty! I hope you are feeling much better!

yixiao said...

Amazing what professional makeup can do for you! I was feeling half-dead minutes before these photos were taken.

Anonymous said...

You look so weet weet pretty in your two get up. Where did you get them from?

yixiao said...

Thank you HARHARHAR!!! The top is from Coast and the skirt ASOS =)