Wednesday, November 25

Quil Fait Bon, Sky Tree Town Solamachi Tokyo

The fruit tarts at Quil Fait Bon are arrestingly beautiful. It is almost impossible to walk past any outlet without doing a double take. The fruits sparkle like gems from Elizabeth Taylor's jewellery chest, and the best thing about these tarts is they are affordable luxuries in life.

Exclusive to the Tokyo Sky Tree Town Soramachi outlet, the chestnut and Uji matcha classic chocolate tart was divine! The bitter richness of matcha and sweet diced chestnuts brought out the best in autumn. Even KW, who is not a matcha fan, thought this was really good.

Made with apples "Shinano gold" from the Nagano Prefecture, the crisp apples slices, cream cheese and shortcrust pastry more than made up for the apple pie fail the day before. Superb!

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