Monday, October 26

And the muffin grows up

Over the weekend, Russell and I baked together for the first time. We made gingerbread cake, well, they were supposed to be gingerbread cookies but the batter turned out too wet and we had to "improvise." 

The beauty wasn't so much what we made but how the Firstborn has grown out of his shyness and is starting to appreciate social interactions. A colleague told me, some kids start warming up to people when they turn three. Maybe that's true for Russell. 

The last few weeks, he has been telling me that his friends are coming over though we didn't issue invitations. It is honestly quite cute when he says it; I think having our friends over has seriously rubbed off him. To top it off, last Sunday, he said, "My friends are busy... so I am making a cake for them." My cold iron heart literally melted. 

His preschool teacher talked about how excited he was to share the cake he made for his teachers and friends, and I can't help but think, Slow down my little man, don't grow up too quickly. 


Connie said...

Tearing me up reading your post about your son Russell. I still recall my moments with my son & daughter who are both in uni. Time flies. Enjoy & savour every moment with him

yixiao said...

Hi Connie, I hear you... Just got to keep reminding myself when he says, "Noooooo!" to my face three times in a row :p