Monday, August 3

Rouse, Dunlop Street

"Surprisingly good." That was the general verdict of the evening. Although I have read good reviews about Rouse, most of us didn't have high expectations, given the hipster quotient of the cafe. Be warned, there is ample parking around Rouse but you do need to meander your way through the area.

Caesar Salad is one of those terribly nineties dishes but when done right, you are reminded of why it is still around. Rouse's Massive Caesar Salad is a shining example of this salad done right. It is savoury, creamy and super moreish in an I-am-sure-this-is-not-good-for-me kind of way. This comes in a pretty hearty size but good as a main for one person or starter for two. 

I know it is terribly cliche to say this but the Orange Glazed Chicken Wings were finger-licking good.  I know this guy who knew an acquaintance he met would become his wife, after she gamely tore into wings with little hesitation... So this could be a good place for you to decide if she's the one. The wings are good, order them anyway. 

Spicy Asian Crab Penne was beguilingly simple yet flavourful. Predominantly made up of crab, chill padi, pine nuts and penne, these ingredients don't sound great on paper, but on this plate, they were polished clean.

If your spice tolerance is closed to none, the Beef Bacon Aglio might be right up your streaky alley. A tad boring in my opinion.

The Steak and Salsa Fries was probably the only disappointment of the evening. The steak was tough and sinewy, and the mystery sauce did no favours. The hand-cut salsa fries though were addictive.  

Be still, my beating heart.. Though it looks like one gunky mess, I super enjoyed the Salted Calamari Roll too. Yes, anything with salted egg is a low hanging fruit for me, so I would order this again in a heartbeat.

I rarely order drinks with meals but these couple of sodas - Apple & Vanilla, and Guava & Lemongrass - by The Tapping Tapir were pleasantly refreshing.

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