Wednesday, July 29

Dulcet & Studio, Liang Court

My brother-in-law ordered this Ethiopian Eclair. Dulcet Studio has an amazing array of eclairs but since I am not the biggest eclair person around (I rather have a cream puff, thank you very much), it is not fair for me to judge this.

My elder sister's choice - Matcha Chiffon Cake - was a delightful bittersweet slice that could not have been lighter or fluffier. I usually don't like sponge cakes as it feels like I am eating nothing so an extra layer of fresh cream ups the indulgence level without overdoing it. 

Similarly, the Fruit Scoop Cake was another light, refreshing treat. Given how much I prefer dense cakes like cheesecakes and ganache, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this. Clearly, the Firstborn enjoyed it too. 

And you know what, Dulcet Studio has the best Mont Blanc in Singapore (so far)! You can taste the flavour of chestnuts, the custard is lovely, and the tart shell super buttery and short. Ever since I know how much work goes into piping those strands, I have even more respect for the patissiers behind this treat. 

I shall make it a point to get my hands on their famed cream puffs next time =)

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