Wednesday, May 13

Crystal Jade Korean Ginseng Chicken & BBQ, Takashimaya

We don't eat Korean food often enough. I don't know why... Maybe it is because I always end up saying too much so abstinence is the surest form of control. 

After Lucas' medical check-up, we had lunch at Crystal Jade Korean Ginseng Chicken & BBQ at Takashimaya. There  Being part of the Crystal Jade group of restaurants, there is a certain level of standard maintained. No, they didn't reinvent any wheel but that suited us just fine as we were looking for familiar favourites anyway.

The banchan selection isn't astounding but it comprised of some of my favourites including seasoned bean sprouts and spinach. It is always important to start off on a good note, especially when one anticipates OD-ing on meat and carbs later on.

Barely 10 minutes after the banchan arrived, our beef short ribs arrived. The dish received much tender loving attention from the boys . Yes, plural - for someone who doesn't like meat, we were surprised by Russell's recent affection for beef. I regarded the dish's sauciness with a tinge of skepticism but that was right up KW's - and the Munckin's - alley.

The bibimbap was a flavour bomb mash-up of julienned vegetables, beef slices, mushrooms, gochujang sauce and rice: the mixed-in raw egg lends an added layer of comfort.

Let the rice sit for a while before you scoop up those delectable crusty bits.

A must-order for me is seafood pancake. While this wasn't the best I have had, it sure brought back lovely memories of our trip to Seoul last year. Ah yes, the wandelust bug bites again. Maybe I should have played the Mother's Day card and persuaded KW to take us back to Seoul.

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